MG Discounts

If you’re an MG owner, or are considering buying an MG, one thing you should definetly look into are the various MG Clubs. Apart from the usual benefits of a magazine, local meetings, potentially cheaper motor insurance (be warned though – they are not ALWAYS cheaper!) and access to a wealth of knowledge about your car, it can also offer heafty discounts off a brand new MG!
There are a number of different MG Clubs – this page lists all of the different clubs and how they are related to one another. With so many, it can be difficult to choose. However, the MG Owners Club and MG Car Club offer the new car discount scheme, so they are slightly more attractive!
Since late 2001, anyone who joined up to the MG Owners Club or the MG Car Club for a period of 6 months or more, has the opportunity to purchase an MG with employee discounts! The scheme is revised regularly, but as at January 2003, discounts were somewhere in the region of 10%. Details of discounts for the MG Owners Club can be found here and MG Car Club can be found here.
I’ve just signed up with the MG Owners Club – I’d read a review that it offered lots of hands on advice for MGF and MGTF owners (until I get my own MG again, I’ve temporarily adopted Xena as my own!), so I thought I’d give it a go. Only 6 months ’till I can get my discount! Roll on July!

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